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The winery is situated in the northern part of Tuscany’s Maremma district, among the Metallipherous hills, on a high plateau 13 Kilometers from sea level. The family planted its first vines in Maremma in 1851 and in 1894 Emilo Bicocchi built a cellar with a capacity of 5,000 hectoliteres embedded in a hill and organized vertically on three levels, applying a construction criteria that was extremely futuristic for the time. About 100 year later, the family purchased Padule di Moreta estate with its seed crops, vineyards and olive groves occupying a total area of 110 ha. The estate, which is now owned by Carlo Lodovico Bicocchi, has antique origins gating back to the 14th century. Twenty years ago, Carlo Bicocchi, after extensive experience in international management, returned to his roots and decided to develop the wine growing segment of the estate, all grown organically and biodynamically.

Carlo is a perfectionist who has been growing grapes for a long time , but was slow to start bottling himself. He wanted to make sure he could control each element of the process
and bottle quality every year. All of their wines are produced with grapes gathered in their vineyards to grant their special characteristic and give the customers products that are genuine, ethical and loyal.