The story and origin of MonteStregone wines is an enchanting one and begins with
Alessandro Gallo’s childhood dreams of being a wine maker. Over the years this
dream has become a reality. The vineyard was originally planted by Nonno Antonio
( Alessandro’s grandfather) in 1960 when he moved from the mountains of Liguria to
Acqui Terme and bought the farm. Zio Giuseppe, or uncle Giuseppe, continued
working and improving the vineyard, planting new varieties and enlarging the areas of cultivation. Since then Alessandro has kept hold of the same passion, helped greatly by his wine maker friend Roberto Orsi, who has continued to stoke those flames of passion with his own enthusiasm.

MonteStregone is located in an area that borders Liguria and benefits from the sea
breezes in the Piedmont region of Italy. The vineyard sits 250 meter above sea level
in the territory known as Acqui Terme. The name comes from Latin Aquae Statiellae
and was given by the Romans who established the town around the thermal springs
in the II century BC.